We are able to help You reduce weight, achieve stiffness or just want to get new ideas to an old design.

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 CAD, FEM Calculation

Our designer has been working more than 15 years in the composite business, We are working in different CAD systems in combination of FEM analysis

Process Development

Keeping up with new technologies never comes easy. We are working closely with research institutes and technical Universities. We can offer help in all areas from ideas to full scale serial production.

Source: Volvo

Five-Axis milling machine

Model: CMS Highspeed 5 axes CNC, ARES 3618 PX5, year 2021

Working table: 3600x1800x1200mm
20 kw spindle with maximum 24000 revs/minute                   

16 stations toolchanger
Controlsystem Fanuc 31i-B5
Laser calibration and Radio probe

Encapsulated with ATEX exhaust system

All kind of fibers

We have long experience of all type of fibers from natural fibers to carbonfibers. We are buying fibres directly from the supplier and manufacture our own laminates. Sizes up to 1250 x 2500 mm and thickness from 2-40 mm

All type of resins

We are working with different type of Epoxi, Vinylester and Polyester

Vacuum Infusion and hightemp owen

Composite Service was one of the pioneers in vacuum infusion. We also have experience of working with hightemp epoxi as well as hightemp curing.

Source: MTC

All types of manufacturing

We can offer everything from design and calculation to manufacturing

”Composite Service, has a greate knowledge in composite manufacturing, fast development process of new products, easy to work with to find good solutions in the final production enviroment”

Hans Larsson, Swerea SICOMP