Lightweight, stiffness and robust design is mandatory when you are manufacturing cars. We are specilized in high accuracy carbongrippers for roofs, sidepanels and batteries.

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Source: Kuka Automation

Body in White

The overall trend in Body in white production is to reduce the number of parts. When the parts are getting bigger the weight increases. We have the solution to reduce weight on the grippers so it´s possible to use standard robots. 

Final Assembly

Customers are demanding more special variants when they are searching for a new car. The solution to fulfill the customers needs is flexibility. We can offer more flexibility with multiple grippers for each assembly station, which gives the possibility to build different models in the same production line

Source: Audi

Source: Audi

Battery Grippers

With the expansion of Electrical cars the need of big batteries has grown rapidly. Since the battery can weigh up to 800 kilo, customers need lightweight grippers. Our grippers in carbonfiber have outstanding stiffness in combination with low weight and high accuracy.

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