Composite Products

We are supplying everything from fishladders to satellite antennas. Sometimes you are searching for stiffness other times for low weight or high dimensional accuracy. Contact us and we will try to help you with our knowledge and high flexibility since we are making everything inhouse. From material selection, manufacturing of laminates to final assembly.

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We have devloped unique fishladders in sandwich composite. This gives us full flexibility and  we can build the ladders inhouse under controlled conditions. The installation time at site is very quick and only takes a couple of days. We have also developd a flexible entrance for the fishladders to be able to handle variations in the water level. The slots in the fishladder can be adopted and optimised for various water flow.

Satellite Antennas

Satmission is our customer with regards to satellite antennas. They are an innovative company and together with CSE we have developed low weight antennas in carbonfiber with extreme high dimensional accuracy. We supply all composite parts for Satmission.

Laminate Sheets

To have full control of product quality we are manufacturing our own laminates. We can make laminates in any kind of fiber and resin from 2 to 40 mm. This gives us full flexibilty and shortens the leadtimes to our customers. Normal size is 1250 times 2500 mm but we can also make them in other sizes.  

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