Thermal stabilty and high tolererances are very important when you are building modern aircrafts. We can offer large fixtures and frames with high precision and low weight. 

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Aircraft production has been very manual for a long time. The trend today is to increase the automation to reduce cost and maintain quality. Since aircraft consist of big parts it´s crusual that the assembly gripper or fixtures also has low weight and high stiffness. We have a long experience to work with both SAAB and AIRBUS in different assembly stations.


Today´s  aircraft are made of composite material to reduce weight and save fuel consumtion.           In order to keep the accuracy with respect to thermal changes the production fixtures and beams must be made of the same material.        We are involved in future projects where our patented design will be used in aircraft assembly.

High Speed Milling

To manufacture complicated structures and parts for the aerospace industry they are using high speed milling machines. These mashines are removing 90-95% of the material. This is done in high speed with steel fixtures which weighs up to 1500 kilo. We offer lightweight fixtures in carbonfiber which weighs 600 kg with better properties. This means that the machine will  last longer with less maintanance.

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