Module built fishladders with great flexibility.

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Module built fishladder made in composite

Fishladders of today are generally made as pool ladders. To meet the need that even slow swimming spicies can swim up and down, the market have more and more started to go over to vertical-slot fishladders. The aim is to construct those with smaller inclination to reduce water speed. Our idea is to offer customers a well functioning fish ladder in composite that is consistent with the new requierments and also to a lower cost.  With our methode we want to offer a new way to build fishladders, this by building the parts of glass-reinforced composite in industrial enviroment, made from a few standards modules. Our methode will be light and strong, this means that the sections are cantilevered and can be mounted on a small number of foundations. The fishladder can be built on small ares and with limited effect on the enviroment.

Advantages with fishladders in composite

Modular and enviromentlly freindly construction method
Since the sections are modularly built industrially in a controlled environment and it is possible to use the same models for several fishladders, they can be made at a lower cost than conventional variants.

Flexibel design
The modular principle makes it possible to design and build interiors of different shapes in the fishladder, this can be in the form of adjustable slots and varying bottom structure to suit different water flows and fish spicies.

Adaptable to surrounding enviroment
One of the main problems with laying fishladders is placing the entrance in the best place for migraiting fish, while maintaining the desired slope. Our method of cantilevering sections makes it possible to build parts that go in the air and this makes it possible, for example, to cross a watercourse to place the entrance in the right place.

”I see the manufacturing of fishladders in composite as a greate advantage compared to previous constructions material that have been concrete and wood. The advantage is the possibility to adapt the fishladder to each installation area, the installationtime will be shorter thanks to the construction technology. ”

Stefan Stridsman, Länsstyrelsen i Norrbotten