Body in White

The most crital process of body in white is the roof assembly. With our stiff and lightweight carbongrippers we can reduce the weight by 70% compared to steel,  which reduce the maintainence and increse the speed

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Flexprop CuC System

The CuC system was first introduced in 2004 at AB Volvo. Since then, FlexProp has supplied the automotive industry with approximately 200 systems. Today, Composite Service provides different types of fixtures based on similar technology. The CuC system allows weight reduction of 70-90% compared to conventional fixtures made of steel.

By utilizing the excellent performance of the CuC fixture, it is possible to reduce the total investment cost. One great example is a laser brazing station in which the workshop area and energy consumption have been reduced by 60% and 40% respectively, and model change is now completed in only one day compared to five. This adds up to substantial cost savings by far exceeding the investment of the fixture.

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